Svensk bok om endovaskulär intervention

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Senaste nytt

Senaste nytt

 Professor of Interventional Radiology and the chief of IR

section, Universtity of Sao Paulo

- A leading pioneer and in the field of PAE

- Qualified from Faculty of Medicine of the University of Mogi

das Cruzes, São Paulo, Brazil (1990)

- Radiology training in Hospital das Clínicas at the University

of São Paulo Medical School

- Followed by PhD in Interventional Radiology in 1999

- President of the Brazilian Society of Interventional Radiology

and Endovascular Surgery (SoBRICE, 2009–2010).

- Author of over 50 peer-reviewed publications, reviewer of 5

papers and editor of the book; Interventional Radiology and

Endovascular Surgery.

- Prof Carnevale has shared his experience and knowledge

with us in Sweden at the 2016 Seldinger Society meeting, for

this and for his great contribution to IR he was awarded the

Seldinger Society honorary membership 2016.

2016 Francisco Carnevale

svensk bok om endovaskulär intervention

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